Who will you
connect with today?

"Genuine relationships begin unexpectedly"

That's why we made it easy to connect

  • Life is manifold and so are you!
    We meet different people in
    different places and share
    different information to connect.
  • Have you ever had a hard time finding someone on social media?
    Have you lost contact over a wrong name or number?
    SocialCloud makes connecting
    easy and digital.
  • Share your digital footprint,
    keeping focus on real life connections.
  • Connect on various platforms like social media, professional communities,
    gaming platforms, payment services
    and many more.
  • Overcome language barriers and get easily connected, no matter where you are.
  • No spelling mistakes, no transposed digits.
    Just tap & connect
    without losing any details.
  • Take your networking to the next level.
    Connect with your business partners
    sustainably and digitally.
  • Stay in control of your digital footprint
    and decide what you share with others.

The smartest connection

Digital Footprint

Combine all your online communities on your SocialCloud account and decide who gets to see what.

Three Profiles

Use three different account profiles to decide what connections you want to establish: private, business, travel.

Tap & Connect

Simply tap your Gizmo on a NFC-enabled device to get connected.

Connection Pool

Automatically save the date, place and time of your connection in your connection pool, hassle-free.

Sustainable Networking

Update your details automatically for all of your contacts, making long-lasting connections.

life is tough enough.
our passion is to make things easier.

digitalization has done a lot in this respect nowadays, but going back to the roots, the essence of a good life is great relationships that spring forth from meeting people in person.

we love bringing people together. this is why we focus on real life connections.

tap & connect with anyone you meet.
build up sustainable relationships using innovative technology.

who will you connect with today?


As simple as the connection

  • B2C membership

    • 4 networks
    • 5 connections per month
    • One profile
    • All networks
    • Unlimited connections
    • 3 profiles
  • B2B membership

    • For your campaigns
    • For your employees
    • For your events, conventions
      & festivals
    • Personalize your Gizmos
    • Integrate your corporate identity design

Sustainably awesome

Because we care