Connecting 2.0

We make connecting people easy,

reliable, digital, secure and playful

  • manage your contact info in one place
  • share your digital footprint
  • build genuine relationships

Unveil the power of community

For yourself, at your festival, at your convention, in your company or for your brand

Digital business card

The germ free handshake for your company

Connect professionally in and outside of your company

Digital, easy and secure

Always up to date

Always valuable information

Unforeseen value

The everlasting business card

Environmentally friendly

Integrate third party services such as: Access control, CRM systems, COVID-19 results, 2FA

Networking 2.0

Make it easy for customers to engage

with your services and your social media

Bring your company and your customer together

Interact and engage with your customers

Tap into a world of connected value

Stefan Grasmann

Managing Director Competence Center & Member of the Executive

“In 2019, the success story of SocialCloud started during Startup SAFARI FrankfurtRheinMain, with Marco’s very first pitch at our Zühlke Innovation Campus.

Today we are considering to jointly explore exciting use cases of non fungible tokens (NFTs) and their positive impact for people and businesses, when they connect at events.”

Hans Stickel

International Business Mentor

On conventions worldwide, I meet most of my clients. No matter what language they speak or social media they use, following up was never easier.

By using SocialCloud, my conversion rate increased over 60%.

Pode ser tranquilo, pois funciona em qualquer língua e não só em inglês.

The Tesla Testimonial

Tab 1

Imagine your company already has something providing value to customers and employees

Tab 1

Why not add some additional value, that also helps your business thrive.

It’s a win win

Tab 1

This use case shows how you can add additional value to an an existing process

Tab 1

Bring people together

Tab 1

And make your company be seen when your clients or employees connect with others

Tab 1

Start the engine and unveil the power of community

The best relationships happen unexpectedly

That’s why we made it easy to connect

Mission Statement

At SocialCloud, we foster community, commitment and transparency.

Our vision is a connected world of diverse communities, providing value among each other.

We believe that genuine relationships, whether they are private or business related, happen unexpectedly.

That’s why we made it easy to connect.

Marco Luyckx

Founder, SocialCloud


Neue Golden Ross Kaserne

Mombacher Str. 68

55118 Mainz, Germany



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