Welcome to the festival

experience of tomorrow

Connecting 2.0

We make connecting people easy,

reliable, digital, secure and playful

  • manage your contact info in one place
  • share your digital footprint
  • build genuine relationships

Unveil the power of community

For yourself, at your festival, at your convention, in your company or for your brand

One link to rule them all

SocialCloud is the hub for all your content

and the content of your visitors

Create a new experience of personal encounters at your festival

Make connecting easy, secure and digital


made simple

Use any gadget to spark your audience: festival ticket, wristband, smartwatch, you name it!

Use NFC, scan QR code or share through apps

to connect with everyone

Give your visitors the festival experience they deserve

Traditional advertising talks at people

Your branded app talks with people

Turn the crowd into your ambassadors

Make your marketing go viral

Whenever a connection is made, before, during and after the event, your festival mantra is shared

“Connecting with new people has never been easier and faster”

Mary Strode

“I love that I can focus on the people I meet, instead of being worried about having a wrong number or not finding them on social media”

Shawn Lawson

“I don’t have to use my phone to connect with people. That kinda gives me a more secure feeling when I’m surrounded by the crowd, in front of the stage”

Jane Taylor

“I’m in love with the Gizmo design of the Waterfront-Festival, I always carry it with me, to connect with people I meet”

Janette Bender

“I like that I get promos and discounts for upcoming events, by using SocialCloud”

Georg Miller

“Me and my friends connected with the DJ and received tickets for his upcoming performance”

Jay Peters


The festival experience

of tomorrow

Improve the quality of your audience

Increase your reach when people connect

Get unique views from real people instead of artificial bots online

Increase your conversion rate through interactive target group marketing

Advertise your next event on all Gizmos of your last event – sustainably awesome!

Data Analytics

Get insights of your event to make the best decisions and serve your visitors where and when it matters

See where your audience is most receptive to your message and provide value through promotions

Integrate your ticketing, headcount, COVID-19 results

and more

Make your festival the place,

where people meet

The festival experience 2.0 has started,

be part of the journey

Recommendation marketing

Create new revenue streams

Increase your conversion and

your sales

Turn visitors into ambassadors

Merge the online and offline world

Integrate ticketing, headcount, COVID-19 results and more


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