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At SocialCloud we support community, commitment and transparency and therefore make it easy for people to connect and stay connected




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Instantly share your info with one single action. Tap, scan or share to connect

Others don’t need SocialCloud to receive your Info

Keep your connections up-to-date! Any changes to your contact info will be automatically updated for all of your connections

Save notes about your new contact and be ready to follow up. Build genuine relationships

Technology made simple

secure & easy

With the combination of hardware and software we make sharing information as easy and secure as possible.

simply clever

With a simple action you can receive or share information that is relevant for you right in the moment

creating value

Offer visitors, interested parties, suppliers, customers and employees the advantages of a networked world at your convention and beyond

One day at the fair

The following use case shows the many ways SocialCloud can be used at a single convention

Depending on who scans the Gizmo, it shows relevant information for this use case

In this testimonial, we accompany Jane on her day at the fair

At Home

Jane buys an online ticket for an upcoming fair, she receives the online ticket in her email

SocialCloud provides a QR code with the ticket, giving Jane access to the platform and the ability to link to an already existing account. This means she can already set up her profile and is ready for networking before the event even begins. You as the organizer can measure in advance what social media is being used by the visitors and can therefore create focused marketing campaigns for the event.


Jane arrives at the event and after her QR code is scanned, she receives a wristband as a “smart ticket” 

SocialCloud links the digital ticket to a physical Gizmo (the wristband), which allows Jane access to your event. We can also request other information, such as COVID-19 test results, in order to keep your convention safe. Keeping these checks digital reduces waiting time for your guests. As visitors arrive, you receive a real-time headcount. All attendees are now not only wearing a branded accessory, but using it actively to connect. 

Business contacts

At the fair she makes new business contacts with a tap to her wristband   

We provide a simple way of sharing contact information via the Gizmo (the wristband), so Jane no longer has to carry around business cards or awkwardly type in her details in someone’s phone — just an easy tap of her wristband to their phone. Connections are being made, businesses are being promoted and relationships are being cultivated, all within a single tap.


Now Jane is making a purchase from the vendors

We provide an easy and secure way of sharing third party apps, such as payment services, with the customers. Jane gets the details directly into her phone so she can make a payment without the fear of sending her money to the wrong business. Making it easier to shop makes everyone happy. 


The in-app ad banner changes for lunchtime 

The SocialCloud app allows for the configuration of time-oriented banners, which maximizes advertisement conversion. Example: it’s lunchtime and now the ad banner is promoting a great deal at the event’s burger truck. Rather than leaving the event for a bite to eat, visitors stay for the promotion. Jane gets a burger for a discount, and you get additional revenue. Win-win. 

Live poll

At the end of a presentation, the speaker runs a live poll, “hands” out a flyer and gives out their contact details  

SocialCloud provides the capability to store digital content as well as use third party apps, such as a survey app. The attendees can access the content via QR codes. Jane can get the information she needs in an eco-friendly manner (less paper, hurray!), while also giving the presenters the tools they need for great presentations.

Making friends

At the fair, Jane makes new friends

SocialCloud provides the capability to share not only contact information but also social networks. Jane makes new friends she can easily look up and contact after the convention is over. Each time a connection is made, there’s a new advertisement impression.


It is now time for Jane to say farewell! 

We allow for the easy transfer of promotional information as your visitors leave the event. Jane receives discounts on further ticket purchases and invitations to expert communities. You can now keep Jane up-to-date with future events.

Next day

The next day, Jane meets her friends and excitedly tells them about the convention

She shows them her promotional wristband and connects with each one of them. This allows Jane to keep her friends up-to-date with contact information, but your advertisements are now also being organically passed on to the appropriate target groups.

The Advantages
Secure – Information is shared only with those you approve
Sustainable – the smart tickets can be reused the next day or even at the next fair, reducing waste, printing costs and saving time at the entrance gate
Easy – handling is simple. Connect via QR code or NFC and our smart technology takes care of the rest, displaying only relevant information
Digital – Make decisions based on live data during and after the event



We did not hesitate to make SocialCloud

a central part of the FOUNDER SUMMIT

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